My Take On Why Donald Trump Won The Election

The old Chinese curse has it: “May you live in interesting times. The interesting times according to me begun after the 2008 bubble burst. Its still continuing with the year 2016 adding to the interests of many in this world. The world economy has not picked up since the horrific financial crisis of 2008. The has world witnessed a lot of interesting as well as shocking events. For instance the crude after hitting the lowest price ever of  $26.55 since May 2003 gained almost 50% at the end of 2016 after the OPEC decided to cut its production. America legalising marriage of same-sex as well as legalising MARIJUANA in some states.

Also we had the BREXIT which itself is something very unique and it will take a brave man to actually predict what it will do the world economy and Britain. Then we have this historical date 8th November 2016 apart from that day being my friend’s birthday, two of the most talked countries had started improving their counting skills USA was counting the votes whereas Indians were counting the number of high currency notes.

While India Inc. appreciated the bold move by Mr.Modi’s government as a fight against corruption and black money, the RBI got its forecasts horribly wrong which is not acceptable and is rightly being criticised. Well, Mr. Donald Trump on the other hand beat all the odds and pre-polls, went on to win the US Presidential elections. The Indian and US markets has lost a lot of fire by these two events. The first speech Mr.Trump gave after winning the election on November 8th made us think if all that he has said before election was just a mere tactic to gain attention and he would just do things the “Normal” way as they are to be done. After the speech of Mr.Trump the US markets have been hitting new highs in anticipation of what he is actually going to do.

Well, it was a shock that how Mr.Donald Trump who doesn’t have a very good past when it comes to law or business ethics (he has about 70 law suites still pending, criticised for not paying wages to his employees etc.) but still he got through to become the 45th President of America. So lets see WHY he was able to do that

Donal Trump
Donald Trump


Since Hillary Clinton holds a position in the office led by Mr.Barack Obama, many believed that she is just an extension of him and status quo will be maintained in many of the areas of concern. Whereas Mr.Donald Trump will be an open change. Trust me Americans really love change be it in government or their daily lives. Hence Mr.Donald Trump was that change. Even though whatever he said might not totally be possible. But who cares majority people don’t even think deep enough to understand whether the promises he’s making are theoretically correct or not. This is because the intellects who understand the economics and science are either with him or a=know it is really difficult to make general public understand.

Target Audience

America’s population is still dominated by Native Americans. Believe it, if you get your target group correct your product’s a hit. Well, thats what the marketing part says and Mr.Donald Trump has proved it right. He discriminated and embarrassed almost all the other races living in America be it Asians, Mexicans or the Blacks he was clear with his Target Group that were the Whites or the Native Americans. He made them believe that they’re the superior ones and his main priority in his campaigns. Americans being so nationalistic were persuaded by this. His Tagline “Lets Make America Great Again” became very popular not only in America but also globally. Everybody was chanting it.

Now we can come up with all the theories and strategies which led to TRUMP being elected as the President.  Lets not forget that there has never been any woman as the President. Hillary Clinton did give a tough fight till the very end. Also Mr.Trump’s perseverance of becoming the president took him to where he is now. He faced a lot of obstacles for becoming the candidate. The pre-polls which all predicted that he is losing out very badly. After all this if the man is able to get the President’s chair we have to give it to him. He’s taking over the office today lets hope “the interesting times continue”.

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