Follow This One Simple Rule To Achieve Success

Have you been lying a lot lately? Has it become a normal thing for you to lie about everything and it seems normal? I’m going to try to explain to you how you would’ve achieved a lot success and appreciationĀ in life if you would’ve spoken the truth. Been honest and not been afraid of the truth.

Since childhood we all are taught to always speak the truth. But many of us take the other routeĀ and decide to go the other way. The way which has a lot of lies from the smallest issues to the ones which can change our lives. Some chose this and some were forced to get into this murkier business of lies. I’m sure all of us who have been into this business would’ve been a different person if we had chosen to be truthful. And definitely achieved a lot more in life than what we have.

Perks of Being Truthful & Honest

It is a well-known fact that if you lie once, you need to lie a hundred times or more to cover that lie. Yes, now just see how simple life would’ve been if you had just spoken the truth. As it is we have so many things to worry about and we just add-on to it by lying. If we had not lied we would have been one tension less in life. Even more when we lie we are playing with someone’s trust. And that is something which is not at all cool. Mr. Warren Buffet says “Honesty is an expensive gift, don’t expect it from cheap people”.

Warren Buffet Quotes(Truth & Honesty & Success)
Amazing quote by Mr. Warren Buffet

Success and Truth

Now, lets see how being truthful would’ve made you achieve more things in life :-

When you lie you need to be on your toes to keep covering that lie, hence more lying. Now just think the amount of energy you wasted in thinking a lie if you had used all that in something more constructive. Put all the cunningness into something more meaningful, to create something or to build something which solves some problems. Wouldn’t that give you more recognition and satisfaction. You’re able to lie because you’re smart, all I’m asking you to do is Stop lying and start using that smartness to something which will have a positive impact on lives. Speaking truth and being honest are key factors to success in life.

Yes speaking truth sometimes takes a lot of courage and bravery. Speaking truth might sometimes have short-term negatives, people may not like you for that or also some may just move out of your life. But on the long-term those same people will remember you and appreciate that you spoke the truth. They say some lies are necessary to be spoken which don’t harm anybody but the parameter of such lies vary from situation to situation. We human set those parameters according to our comforts and will which again sometimes becomes too much.

To sum up I would say, It takes a brave heart to speak the truth. If we have spoken lies we should be man and woman enough to go and tell the person the truth. Its better that you tell the truth yourself instead of them knowing it from other sources.

In the end Truth Prevails.


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