Must Have Apps To Stay Up To Date

We all are literally living in a world of apps. There’s an app for almost everything be it for shopping, consulting a doctor, calculating your daily budget, news etc. Unique business models are coming up based on app as their USP. Earlier businesses had assets as buildings, lands etc. but now an App is a major asset to a company. Even old banks and others have switched to an app as it makes easier for a consumer to operate and find their needs in an app. We’ve been taken over by smartphones and apps. Let’s know more about the must have app categories to stay up to date.

Social Media

They say even if you’re not on any social media platforms people are still talking about you. So, it’s better to have an account and control what people talk about you. Social media has become way more important form of communication than actual calls. I’m

Social Media
Popular Apps for Social Media

sure most people don’t even need recommendations on which platform to use. Apart from the famous ones like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat, Tinder, these are the most downloaded ones on the App store and Play store. Don’t ignore LinkedIn it is a very essential app specially if you’re willing to see exponential growth in your career. Specially after it was taken over by Microsoft. I would also suggest you to add a #Hashtag generator for Instagram. This generates hashtags for Instagram based on recent trends. So, download this and forget the painstaking job of writing hashtags on your own.

Photo Editor

Though with the advancement of Instagram and Snapchat filters one might not feel the need to have a professional photo editor app, but trust me you do. These apps offer you lot many options and you’ll actually feel like a professional photo editor if you get a grip of things. These apps are the one which can get you more like, comments and share on your already popular pictures. To name a few Lightroom, Prisma, Darkr etc.

E-commerce and E-wallets

We all are global citizens, we need to be in trend with fashion, gadgets and a lot many things. You really can’t really wait to go to a shopping mall or store to get what you want. Specially the ease and the price that these E-commerce companies offer us. Be it shopping of clothing, groceries or latest gadgets, these companies even offer products like pen, pencil all at one place. I would also suggest you to add Uber or Ola to the list, to stay away from driving in the city traffic.

How can you miss the food ordering/reservation apps like Zomato, Swiggy or Burrp if you’re in United States . You need food every day and in some cases, all the time. You also get to know the best restaurant and bars in your location or an unknown one. These also help you to reserve table for your date night.

Add to it the new wallets, mobile e-wallets which are not only convenient but you pay what you actually need to without rounding off the amount. You need one of the apps like Paypal, Paytm or Mobikwik to forget the stress giving job of carrying cash with you.


So many things are happening around the world controversies, war, movements, crime, achievements, technology etc. You don’t want to miss out on these things, and not be updated to the news as and when it happens. You can surely be someone who spreads these news among your peers and friends. Google News is a great app but I would recommend to also go for something more elaborating like The Guardian, Wall Street Journal, TOI. Don’t forget to also be up to date with the financials and markets add something like the Economist or Financial Express or Economic times which gives you in depth analysis of the global and domestic market as well as business analysis.

Video StreamingVimeo

How can you not have a full fledge video streaming app. Yes, Youtube is the major player here, but there is an app called Vimeo which streams really high quality videos. There are also apps for comedy serials like the TVF. Videos are gaining popularity as more and more players are emerging with the subscription base models, you should definitely subscribe to either Netflix or Amazon Prime to get those serials and latest movies on the go.

Travel and Hotel

You need vacations regularly to get yourselves distressed, to get away from your daily routine life which sometimes gets too boring. What better than to have a getaway weekend or go on a nice long vacation. For both you need hotel as well as a mode of transportation. Both the services are offered by Apps like MakeMytrip, Yatra. While OYO Rooms and AirBnB offer accommodations at the best price with the most lucrative room service.

I have not gone for promoting particular apps in specific that is because the categories are more important to have. The apps depend on user to user, how he/she uses their device. There can be a lot many categories of apps to have but I felt these 6 are a must have to stay updated in today’s world. Do comment below if you feel there should’ve been some more categories. Always open for suggestions. Most apps are available for all devices but there might be some which might not support all devices.

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