Why Is It Critical For BJP To Win The UP Election ?

From the government of Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru to that of Mr. Narendra Modi, Indian soil has witnessed a variety of governance. India has seen a tremendous changes over the past 70 years and is still open to changes. Politics is not an easy task though. It not only involves elections, contenders, parties, symbols, criticism. It also involves a lot of hard work, people’s support and interest. Journalists, critics, researchers etc. boil down their views to 140 characters. But the real responsibility and vastness of this job can only be known by the person who is at power.

The life line of the Indian constitution definitely lies in the voting system. It is one of those things which allows an individual to put up their views. And India being the largest democracy of the world has always made it a point that voting never goes in vain or at least we try not to.

The BMC election which recently concluded in which BJP came out with flying colours, after the debacle with the Shiv Sena. This is the first time in almost two decades that Shiv Sena has not won with majority. BJP was just 2 seats short of Shiv Sena. It is still to be seen who comes up with the majority numbers to form the BMC. Or these two mammoth parties will join hands again. If we are to see the BMC result as an indicator of people’s trust and faith in the central government, then there are few more states to be won by the BJP.

Now let’s take a bird’s eye view of ongoing legislative assembly election. This state has the largest population of our country (16.49% of India’s population), the largest number of districts and is second largest in terms of number of towns, yes we are talking about Uttar Pradesh. The fight just got interesting since SP decided to join hands with Congress, else it was a clear-cut BJP victory as per the experts. Winning the UP elections is an uphill task and one which BJP must do for various reasons. It is more so important for them to win  UP Election after the dismal performance they had in Bihar. We have pre-polls results on the 9th of March. And on the 11th of March the air will be cleared as the final results will be announced.

Why BJP Must Win UP Election?


Approval of Demonetisation

Yes, this has been the buzzing word since last quarter and one which will remain in hearts of the citizens for years to come. It was indeed a very unique and bold move, one which only a courageous government could’ve taken. Though it was appreciated by many but the fact is its implementation was a nightmare. The middle and lower class people did suffer by spending their days waiting outside ATM’s and Banks. Credit has to be given to the people who still appreciate the move if only it does somethings better for our country. UP is dominated by farmers and one whose per capita income is one of the lowest among other states. Clearly if BJP wins  it’s an approval by the citizens that they support the Mega Demonetisation.

Approval of the Budget 2017-18

The Central government had its reasons to present the budget a month early and also to merge the railway budget with the fiscal budget. The first move was highly opposed by opposition parties as they feared the budget could help BJP win the state elections. Without much success though. If BJP wins the election here in UP which is dominated by farmers, it basically means that they’re in full favour of the budget. Having full confidence that the government is pro poor and pro farmer. The budget could actually be a big boost for BJP to win, only if the people feel they had got it right.

Approval of Most Things The Central Government is Doing

We have to complement our central government for actually being proactive in so many situations. They have taken a top-down approach rather than the conventional bottom-up. Our ministers are accessible on social media, including our Prime Minister. The policies too are becoming favourable for businesses, the GST is almost on the verge of a roll out. The Income Declaration Scheme to bring back black money was a success. We’re still awaiting the final result of the impact and effects of demonetisation. All the mentioned and many of which we haven’t do show us the efforts our government is putting in. Hence, an election win in UP is definitely an approval of the policies, steps and actions taken in the past three years of this government.

Disapproval of SP Government


It was really shameful to see just before elections the way Mr. Mulayam and Mr. Akhilesh were fighting. I just had one question to them, how can we let someone like them to lead our state? The sanctity of the party was lost when that happened. I just hope the voters had kept this incident in mind while voting.

Also to add, why will a ruling party want to join hands with Congress whose future in politics of India looks so dull. A party will take such drastic steps when they know that in the past 5 years no development has taken place, promises made haven’t been fulfilled.

If we listen to the campaign speeches in which all leaders have been taking a jibe at each other is one which amuses on and all. Specially the innovative tagline and initials they make to impress the crowd. 11th March is what the markets too are waiting for, as many believe that if BJP wins the markets are going to rally like anything. As Mr. Arnab Gowswami would’ve said “The Nation Wants to Know” what the results will bring to the BJP?

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